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Shingle Roofs

Quality Roofing from GAF and Certainteed

We will be with you from start to finish and guarantee your satisfaction in your new shingle roof. Most shingle roofing jobs are completed the same day.

Metal Roofs

A variety of Metal Roofing from Drexel and Other Manufacturers

When you want an expertly installed metal roof in the Hudson Valley, turn to J & A Roofing Company. We buy our metal directly from the manufacturers, passing the savings to the customer. Each job is custom fabricated on the jobsite.

Flat Roofs

Quality Flat Roofs using products from Firestone and Carlisle

Big jobs, commercial or residential. J&A Roofing is your Flat Roof Specialist in the Hudson Valley.

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We offer complimentary, no obligation estimates for all jobs. Contact J&A Roofing Company today for all of your flat roof, shingle roof, or metal roof needs. Or, you can browse our website for more details on our roofing options, and to see samples of our work. With offices in Kingston NY, we service the entire Hudson Valley, and are your roofing replacement experts since 1938.
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Preventive Maintenance on your Roof Now, Saves Trouble Later

If you don't take care of your roof, you could end up with bigger problems when winter comes. Snow on your roof can meanlots of added weight, and if your roof has damage, the underlying structure could be compromised too.

Roof Collapse

  • Make sure your roof is inspected for integrity; not just of the outer surface, but the underlying structure as well.
  • Your attic insulation prevents heat from reaching the roof, melting snow, and forming ice dams.  Check your attic for adequate insulation.
  • In the event on heavy snow or unusual snowfall amounts, use a roof rake to prevent strain on your roof.

Leaking Roofs Lead to big headaches

If your gutter blew off in the last storm, or that tree limb that was rubbing against the roof for years finally did its damage, or even if you've tried to patch that pesky shingle in the past and it just isnt working, you may now have a leak.

One thing unfortunately leads to another

That small leak could mean sheetrock damage, or damage to your belongings. The integrity of your house could be at risk!

Let us climb up and take a Look

Don't let a small problem turn into a major issue. Call the experts at J&A Roofing so we can fix it, and fix it right!